Is ‘The Proposal’ Couple Winston & Abby Still Together?

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Has The Proposal created another happy couple?

This week on the show, Winston Showan, a Brit by way of San Diego and an entrepreneur with two businesses, embarked on his search for love. As he sat behind the sparkly pod to conceal his identity, 10 eligible women descended down the staircase.

Winston immediately moved on from the “cocktail hour” round with Shelby, Lauren, Bridget, Claire, Kathleen, Mandy, and Abby.

Next came the beachwear round because “physical compatibility is a large part of falling in love,” according to host Jesse Palmer.

It was decision time and Winston chose to get to know Lauren, Abby, Shelby, and Kathleen because he “connected” with them .

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Next up, the family member round. Winston’s mother came on stage and declared, “I’d love to have any of you as my daughter-in-law.” Cue the audience’s collective “awwws.”

Sadly, that’s not how The Proposal works and Winston’s final two women turned out to be: Las Vegas showgirl Abby Sullivan and YouTuber Lauren Ashley Hammond. After two heartfelt speeches to win his heart, Winston picked Abby, got down on one knee, but then got back up!

“Actually, actually, actually….” he said. Then, asked Abby for a favor — could he kiss her to make sure the chemistry was there?

She obliged and then he proposed for real and she accepted.

But are the two still together?

Unfortunately no. The couple didn’t make it, the show reports, though they took “a lovely trip to Vegas together.” At least they “parted ways amicably,” right? No harm, no foul.

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