‘The Four’ Sneak Peek: Meghan Trainor Mentors the Contestants (VIDEO)

THE FOUR: BATTLE FOR STARDOM: Judge Meghan Trainor in the
Ray Mickshaw / FOX

FOX’s singing competition, The Four: Battle For Stardom, is truly “all about that bass.”

In this week’s episode, the contestants are being mentored by Grammy Award-winning artist and judge Meghan Trainor. “I’m just gonna talk to her about all of her experiences, [and] try and get some wisdom from her,” James Graham said — and he, Noah Barlass, Ali Caldwell, and Sharaya J do just that.

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A number of familiar faces have dropped in on music competitions through the years.

With the bass line of her first hit playing in the background, the group talks with Trainor about her rapid rise to stardom — not unlike their own! — with the mega hit song “All About That Bass.”

Plus, she talks about how she stays true to herself with her music, things she wishes she knew when she first started in the music industry, how to take the perfect selfie, and more!

Check out the full clip below:

Tune in to find out what happens on tonight’s The Four: Battle For Stardom.

The Four, Thursday, July 19, 8/7c, FOX.