‘Humans’ Season 3 Finale: Max Is Desperately Trying to Keep the Peace

Ollie Upton/Kudos/CH4/AMC

Whether they’re Westworld’s hosts or Humans’ animatronic Synths, intelligent machines have had a rough time on TV lately. No matter how obedient the robots may be, humans beat and abuse them, leaving us sympathetic to their plight. But where does our allegiance lie when these machines begin to fight back?

That question has nagged us on the third season of AMC’s sci-fi drama. The green-eyed Synths, who developed consciousness and a desire for independence, were declared enemies and herded into ghettos; docile new orange-eyed machines took their place in the servant class. The result? The rise of a terrorist Synth group that hates both their flesh-and-blood creators and Synths who want to coexist with humans.

Among the latter: Max (Ivanno Jeremiah) and Mia (Gemma Chan). “They’re the Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks of the Synth community,” explains Jeremiah. Max desperately tries to keep the peace even as Synths are denied the supplies they need to survive. Notes Jeremiah: “It’s like being prime minister in the midst of a war.”

Max just might make matters worse in Tuesday night’s penultimate episode. In a bid to set a fanatic Synth straight, he reveals that Day Zero — when the machines gained consciousness — was not divine providence but a computer code activated by a teen. We can only hope the revelation causes enough drama to fuel a fourth season.

Humans, Season 3 Finale, Tuesday, July 17, 11/10c, AMC