‘Blue Bloods’ Finale: Jamie & Eddie’s Relationship ‘Takes a Surprising Turn’

My Aim Is True
Michael Parmelee/CBS
Will Estes as Jamie and Vanessa Ray as Eddie

The drama’s tight-knit Reagan clan loves to discuss NYPD matters and the DA’s legal cases around the dinner table on Blue Bloods.

On the Season 8 finale, they take their talk a step further, executive producer Kevin Wade reveals. Police commissioner and patriarch Frank (Tom Selleck) has a hunch about a rash of recent murders.

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'Blue Bloods' Star Vanessa Ray Teases Jamie and Eddie's Possible Romance

They are the will-they-won't-they couple of the CBS series.

“He believes they’re tied to an old case that resulted in an overturned conviction and a reward for the six men wrongly imprisoned,” Wade reveals. “So the whole family bands together to investigate.”

On the personal front, Detective Danny (Donnie Wahlberg), who’s been grieving his late wife, Linda, for a year, begins to move on. “It’s a poignant scene,” Wade promises.

Danny’s brother, beat cop Jamie (Will Estes), also deals with matters of the heart. His relationship with partner Eddie (Vanessa Ray) “takes a surprising turn,” Wade hints. Like the Reagans, we’ll lift our glasses to that.

Blue Bloods, Season Finale, Friday, May 11, 10/9c, CBS