‘The Affair’ Season 4 Teaser: Can People Really Change? (VIDEO)

Steven Lippman/SHOWTIME
Ruth Wilson as Alison, Joshua Jackson as Cole, Maura Tierney as Helen and Dominic West as Noah Solloway

The Affair‘s third season ended all the way back in January 2017, and now, Season 4 is finally within grasp!

In a new teaser trailer for the Showtime drama, which dropped on Wednesday, we appear to pick up right where we left off with Noah (Dominic West), Helen (Maura Tierney), Alison (Ruth Wilson), and Cole (Joshua Jackson) trying to navigate some pretty tumultuous waters.

Each character is at a crossroads (yet again) as they get deeper into their new relationships. And yet, it seems like many—especially Cole (Joshua Jackson) and Helen (Maura Tierney)—are still struggling let go of the past.

Watch the trailer below:

The Affair, Season 4 Premiere, Sunday, June 17, 8/7c, Showtime