Best Episodes Countdown #2: ‘Lost’ — “Pilot, Parts 1 and 2”


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Season 1, Episodes 1–2

Spielbergian in epic scope, unsurpassed in its exotic promise of adventure and mystery, the lavishly produced two-part series premiere of Lost is a cinematic triumph, introducing a galaxy of instant stars with whom we relish being stranded on a (supposedly) uninhabited island.

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Best Episodes Countdown #3: 'Game of Thrones' — 'The Rains of Castamere'

Stay tuned to TV Insider daily as we count down The Best Episodes of the 21st Century.

Harrowing flashbacks to the downing of Oceanic Flight 815 punctuate the disoriented survival tactics of the castaways (Matthew Fox among them), offering tantalizing first looks into their pasts.

As they recklessly venture into the lush forests and hills of their strange new home, where an unseen but scary, monstrous menace lurks, it’s immediately obvious this is more Jules Verne territory than Gilligan’s Island.

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