3 Prank-Filled TV Episodes Perfect for April Fool’s Day Viewing

The Office - Jim and Dwight
Chris Haston/NBCU Photo Bank

Consider yourself too nice for practical jokes? You can still take part in the April Fool’s Day tomfoolery by watching other people pull the proverbial fast one.

Read on for three TV episodes that may just inspire you to indulge your dark side.

The Office “Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1)


Dunder Mifflin paper salesman Dwight (Rainn Wilson) can’t find his stapler—because work nemesis Jim (John Krasinski) has suspended it inside yellow Jell-O. Mmmmm…lemony!

M*A*S*H “The Joker Is Wild” (Season 11, Episode 4)

As part of their ongoing prank war in Korea, Army surgeon B.J. (Mike Farrell) lets best friend Hawkeye (Alan Alda) spend the day growing more and more paranoid that he is going to be the butt of an elaborate practical joke. Then B.J. does…nothing.

Castle “The Lives of Others” (Season 5, Episode 19)

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Wheelchair-bound on his birthday, novelist Castle (Nathan Fillion) spies on his neighbors à la Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window. Certain one is a killer, he dispatches his NYPD detective girlfriend, Kate (Stana Katic). When he thinks she’s in peril, he busts (hobbles, really) into the apartment—where she is throwing him a surprise party.