Ellen DeGeneres’ 6 Most Epic Pranks on Her 60th Birthday (VIDEO)

Nicki Minaj gets pranked on 'Ellen'
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
Nicki Minaj gets pranked on 'Ellen'

Can you believe Ellen DeGeneres is 60 years young?!

On January 26, the comedy legend celebrates this major milestone, and though she doesn’t look her age, she’s certainly accomplished a lot. From beginning as a stand-up comedian, to building a career as an actress, comedian, writer, producer and TV host, Ellen has become an American icon.

For the past 15 years, we have been blessed to have her talk show Ellen entertain us with interviews, games, and best of all, hilarious pranks. Who can forget when Nicki Minaj was scared by an actual version of herself from the “Anaconda” music video (see above)?

In honor of Ellen entering her sixth decade, we’ve rounded up six more amazing pranks the comedian has pulled on celebrities—from songstresses Taylor Swift and Adele to actress Sarah Paulson. Scroll down for all of the epic moments:

Sarah Paulson

Poor Sarah Paulson! Ellen scared the AHS: Cult actress not one, not two, but three times—all in the span of just a few minutes. Paulson even ended up crawling under the table in fear!

Taylor Swift

Over the years, Ellen has scared Taylor a number of times, but nothing beats when she surprises the young singer in her dressing room bathroom and a terrified Taylor falls to the floor.

Julia Roberts

Self-proclaimed as the “perfect person to scare,” Julia Roberts gets a surprise from Ellen backstage. The movie star was so shocked, she peed her pants and had to change outfits for the show!


In one of Ellen’s best pranks, she sent Adele to Jamba Juice with a purse full of surprises, an appetite for raw wheatgrass, and a hidden camera to film the unsuspecting employees.

Dennis Quaid

Former Golden Globe nominee Dennis Quaid was sent to Starbucks with Ellen in his ear. After watching the actor announce that “Dennis Quaid is here!” and order everything in the third person, there’s no doubt one of Ellen’s funniest hidden camera pranks.

Sofia Vergara

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara flaunted her acting chops when Ellen sent her to a market on the WB lot. While pretending to be on break from shooting a movie, Vergara put on a show for the store workers.

BONUS: Steve Carell

This is the moment where Ellen finally got hers! Guest Steve Carell quietly crawled onto the stage behind Ellen’s chair and popped up yelling “ELLEN DEGENERES!”