‘Bridezillas’ Returns! Looking Back on Old Favorites Ahead of the Reboot


Well, aisle be darned! It’s been five years since Bridezillas, WE tv’s reality show about betrothed women behaving badly, signed off in a crescendo of smashed cakes and cowering grooms.

Now, the series is back for a fresh batch of matrimonial mayhem—and the circa-2018 brides are the least blushing yet.

“The role that social media plays in weddings these days has taken the craziness to another level,” says Lauren Gellert, executive vice president of development and original programming. “We’ve seen a Bridezilla freak out on her big day, screaming, ‘Where is my selfie stick?’”

In anticipation of the altar antics to come, we revisit three unforgettable moments from the vault.

1. The Runaway Groom

(Season 4, Episodes 1 and 2)
You’ve gotta feel for any woman who gets stood up. But maybe not Anita Maxwell. When it became apparent that her groom, Dion, was a no-show for their nuptials, she launched into a rant—accusing him of stealing her money, car and cell phone. Still, all’s well that ends well: Dion apologized the next day, and the duo eloped.

2. The Meddling Mother-in-Law

(Season 5, Episodes 1 and 2)

Brides aren’t the only head cases around here! Jenni Mahoney was convinced that her fiancé’s mom was out to get her, so she attempted to ban her from the festivities. No such luck. The future mother-in-law turned up anyway, got sloshed and tried (unsuccessfully) to talk her son out of marrying.

3. The Staten Island Princess

(Season 6, Episodes 20, 21 and 22)

Talk about blowing off steam at a bachelorette party! A veil-clad Karen Refaeli (above) rolled up to a New York City nightclub ready to celebrate, but the bouncer wouldn’t let her in unless she removed her headpiece. Cue the tirade! (Sample dialogue: “Listen to me, you nine-dollars-an-hour human being!”) She later went on to demolish her own bouquet. Classy to the core!

Bridezillas, Season Premiere, Friday, Mar. 2, 10/9c, WE tv