Love Big Cats? Check out These Nat Geo Wild Documentaries

Breakfast Time For The Lions At ZSL London Zoo On World Lion Day
Carl Court/Getty Images
A lioness waits to be fed by senior keeper Glynn Hennessy at ZSL London Zoo on August 10, 2016 in London, England.

The World’s Most Famous Tiger (Tuesday, Dec. 12, 9/8c)
See a legendary tigress earn new territory—and her stripes—in the western wilds of India. Plus, learn this stealth lady’s secrets and how she won her celebrity status.

Lion Kingdom (Wednesday, Dec. 13, 9/8c)
Three lion prides do battle in an all-out war for food and power along Tanzania’s Mwagusi River.

Safari LIVE (Thursday, Dec. 14, 10/9c)
You never know what will happen on a live—yes, live—safari drive through Africa. Hop in and ride along with expert guides for all the thrills, chills and kills.

Savage Kingdom: Uprising (Friday, Dec. 15, 9/8c)
Sit back for some Shakespearean drama as lion king Sekekama throws down with his treacherous son in this miniseries finale narrated by Game of Thrones’ Charles Dance.