Google Enlists Homer Simpson to Help Sell Ads on YouTube

TV Tattle

Google enlists Homer Simpson to help sell ads on YouTube

Google has teamed with 20th Century Fox in a rare The Simpsons promotional effort. Using the 1992 Mr. Plow episode, Homer Simpson is promoting ad-buying on YouTube in a one-minute online-only commercial.

Sean Penn to play Andrew Jackson on HBO

Penn will star in the six-hour event series American Lion, about the seventh president of the United States. This will be Penn’s first major TV role.

EllenTube tops online video rankings

Ellen DeGeneres’ video service generated 1.1 billion views last month across YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.

Macaulay Culkin is traumatized by being left Home Alone in new web series

Check out the first episode of DRYVRS, featuring a profane and angry Kevin McCallister.

Fuller House announces its release date via a Tanner-free teaser

Netflix used a dog and an empty house to reveal that the Full House spinoff will drop on Feb. 26.

Donald Trump boosts Jimmy Kimmel’s ratings, but not enough to beat Jimmy Fallon

Kimmel’s ratings were up last night 35% over the previous night.

President Obama goes Running Wild with Bear Grylls tonight on NBC

Grylls says of filming an episode with the president back in September: “I thought initially they would have five or six Secret Service guys with us that ended up being like 50. It’s a whole team. …(Beforehand) I was waiting on the riverbank and I could see all the Secret Service and the snipers positioned all around this mountain with the helicopters and it was like, ‘Wow, I am really, genuinely nervous.’”

It was Jimmy Fallon’s idea to attack Night 2 of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show with History of Rap 6

As The Late Shift author Bill Carter reports, “Fallon clearly had no interest in sitting back to allow the swirl surrounding Colbert’s arrival to run its course. Those killer second-night bookings were long in the planning and very much the host’s idea, says a Fallon staffer. Colbert’s ratings preeminence lasted 24 hours: Fallon beat him the second night—and 55 of the next 58 nights.”

Whoopi Goldberg invites NeNe Leakes back to The View after she claimed mistreatment

Andy Cohen asked Goldberg about Leakes’ comments on Watch What Happens Live. “Then come back another day and try again,” Whoopi responded. “I don’t know what to say.” PLUS: Michelle Collins makes her Broadway debut on Wicked.

UnReal Season 2 is seeking a black bachelor who resembles Cam Newton

The first African-American bachelor will play quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, with looks that are reminiscent of Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, the NFL MVP favorite.

Watch Toni Braxton’s Lifetime biopic trailer

Braxton is a producer on Unbreak My Heart, which debuts Jan. 23 starring Lex Scott Davis as the Grammy-winning singer.

Saved by the Bell’s Dustin Diamond begins his jail sentence in January

The former Screech star will serve four months in jail in connection with a bar fight after dropping his appeal.

Survivor returns Feb. 17 with a season filmed before Survivor: Cambodia

Survivor: Kaoh Rong will be a return to the Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty theme. As Jeff Probst explains, “As we started seeing people, it became obvious we had another really clear division of brains, brawn, and beauty. For instance, a woman who scored a perfect SAT, a former NBA bruiser and a Vietnamese gay gardener who loves all living things.” PLUS: Survivor: Cambodia revitalized the franchise.