TV Moments of 2015, By the Numbers

The Blacklist - Season 3
David Giescbrecht/NBC
the blacklist

By Gregory E. Miller and Michael Schneider

30.5 million

Average number of viewers for the February 1 installment of The Blacklist, the most-watched single episode of a scripted show this year. It aired after a little thing called the Super Bowl.

$410 million

Amount of revenue the “Fight of the Century”—Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao—took in via Pay Per View, making it the highest-grossing PPV event of all time.


Increase in audience from time-shifted viewing for Fargo, the highest of any show this year.

american ninja warrior

American Ninja Warrior


Number of people to conquer Mount Midoriyama, the final course on American Ninja Warrior, which crowned its first-ever winner in September.


Minutes of airtime NBC had to offer presidential candidates after Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live, in compliance with the FCC’s “equal time” rules.


Minutes of coverage lost during Fox’s broadcast of Game 1 of the World Series due to an electrical failure.


Days that Brian Williams was off the air following his February 10 suspension from NBC News for fabricating personal stories related to his past reporting. He was reinstated at MSNBC on September 22.


Number of episodes of late-night TV hosted by Dvid Letterman when he left The Late Show in May.

al roker

Al Roker


Amount of time it took for Caitlyn Jenner to amass one million Twitter followers, breaking President Barack Obama’s record of 4 hours, 52 minutes.


The last time a late-night series filmed in Cuba before Conan visited for its March 4 show.

7 days, 18 minutes

Amount of time it took Today’s Al Roker to report the weather in all 50 states, setting a new Guinness record.


Number of consecutive episodes for which Empire’s ratings increased week-to-week following its January 7 premiere. The meteor fell to earth when Season 2’s second episode halted the trend.

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