‘Supergirl’s Mehcad Brooks on James Olsen’s Heroic Turn

Mehcad Brooks
Rodelio Astudillo

Extra! Extra! Read all about how Mehcad Brooks is turning DC Comics’ most famous photographer, Jimmy Olsen, into a seriously smokin’ man of action when a massive earthquake hits National City.

This ain’t our typical Jimmy Olsen. He even goes by James now and is definitely not the nerdy guy running around taking pictures!
[Laughs] That’s coming. We actually talked about that because I had said, “You know, there’s no camera here.” It’s weird to see Jimmy Olsen without a big camera around his neck.

Since the show began, James has been a shoulder for Kara (Melissa Benoist), but this week, he’s showing his stronger side, right?
Yeah. I’m not quite sure what I can say here. Hmmm…there is a thing that happens with Kara where she’s not able to be [Supergirl], so she and James go around the city helping people in the way that only they can. James really takes charge.

Does this alter how Kara sees him? It strengthens their relationship and strengthens James.
He’s always supporting her, but then he starts doing really heroic things…like somebody other people can depend on.

That could complicate the relationship between James and Lucy Lane (Jenna Dewan-Tatum).
It’s getting juicy! They’re pretty hot and heavy at this point. I won’t say for sure, but maybe they’re thinking about living together.

Have you had the effects team hook you up so you can do a little flying around like Supergirl?
I have! It’s the perfect mixture between cool and annoying. It’s really fun for about 45 to 90 seconds, and then you’re like, “Get me the hell out of this thing!”

I imagine that harness is not comfy.
It’s a little tougher for guys, I’ll say that. [Laughs]

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