‘America’s Next Top Model’ May Have a Post-CW Future

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America’s Next Top Model may have a post-CW future

Cable and streaming outlets are being pitched on a Cycle 23 reboot of the canceled CW reality show, according to Deadline. Tyra Banks and longtime showrunner Ken Mok are on board for the new Next Top Model, but it’s unclear if Banks will continue being in front of the camera.

NBC took down 3 of Donald Trump’s 8 SNL promos, including the one calling Ben Carson a “total loser”

NBC “accidentally” uploaded a group of promos that included Trump calling Republican rival Ben Carson “a complete and total loser.” (Watch it here.) NBC later took down those promos, and re-uploaded them with the Carson swipe and two other promos removed. PLUS: Only 40 people showed up to the “Dump Trump” protest outside NBC, delivering petitions with 522,080 signatures.

Jimmy Fallon got Aziz Ansari to play Bobby Jindal

Ansari will “Taste the Fat” on The Tonight Show playing the Republican presidential candidate and Louisiana governor.

Why networks are opting to cut episode orders rather than cancel new shows

The networks don’t want their canceled shows to end up thriving on a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix. As Scott Collins explains, “By cutting the number of episodes produced instead of simply hitting the cancel button, network bosses can hedge their risk on a series that looks dicey, while keeping it out of the hands of competitors for as long as possible.” PLUS: What will become of the standard 13-episode order?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are officially dating

“Gwen and Blake are longtime friends who have very recently started dating,” Stefani’s spokesperson says of The Voice co-stars.

Andy Cohen to announce a new Real Housewives city, admits he’s never seen Real Housewives of Melbourne

“The EPs at Bravo…we are not involved in Melbourne at all,” says Cohen. “I’ve never even seen it.”

Buffy’s Emma Caulfield is coming to Supergirl

She’ll play an FBI agent named Cameron Chase.

Ken Marino joins Agent Carter as a mob boss

He’ll play “a volatile leader in the Maggia crime syndicate” on Season 2 of the ABC series.

Another Game of Thrones death has been confirmed

HBO’s new book Game of Thrones: The Noble Houses of Westeros reveals which characters are actually dead.

Meet Derek’s Grey’s Anatomy “killer”

“I feel like it’s really wonderful to be involved in storylines that so many people care about,” jokes Samantha Sloyan of reprising her infamous role this season. “Even though the circumstances are difficult, the highly-charged nature of it makes it incredibly exciting.”

Dennis O’Hare: “I Naired my body” for American Horror Story: Hotel

“Most of my makeup is taking my hair off,” he says of his role. “We shave my head. I gotta shave my arms. If I’m showing cleavage, I gotta shave my chest.”

January Jones posts creepy Ricky Gervais-inspired bubble bath photos

“I’m calling it ‘a bathtub series not by Ricky Gervais but by me,” the Mad Men alum and Last Man on Earth star explained on Instagram.

Breaking Bad superfan Warren Buffett visited the Better Call Saul set

The billionaire investor says of his visit: “Great writing, great acting, great people. When Vince Gilligan is in charge, a show is a cinch to be five stars.”

Despite its Big Apple setting, Empire doesn’t feel like a New York City show

The Chicago- and Los Angeles-shot Fox series “feels so, so wrong when you realize what you are looking at is supposed to be New York,” says Jen Carlson, adding that “nothing about it looks or feels like” New York City.

Fresh Off the Boat took on the Long Duk Dong stereotype

This week’s episode invoked the John Hughes Sixteen Candles character that has become a “cultural boogeyman to many Asian Americans.” PLUS: Constance Wu explains her bunny obsession and recalls her SVU past.

Carly Fiorina’s campaign manager: The View tried to postpone this week’s appearance

Sarah Isgur Flores says ABC tried to move the Republican presidential candidate’s appearance from this Friday to next week after the GOP debate.

Watch the trailer for Starz’s The Girlfriend Experience

Riley Keough, AKA Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, stars in Steven Soderbergh’s TV remake of his 2009 film.

Presenting the worst Disney Channel shows of all time

From Take Two with Phineas and Ferb to Best Friends Whenever.

HBO’s Alexander Hamilton is a “little jealous” of Broadway’s Hamilton

John Adams’ Rufus Sewell reacts to Lin-Manuel Miranda’s acclaimed musical: “Yeah, if I could have rapped my way out of it, it could have been easier!”

Joy Behar’s TLC late-night show really is using her house as a set, with her bedroom as the green room

“Everyone was in my house! I haven’t had that many people in my bedroom in my entire life,” Behar joked of her upcoming Late Night Joy talk show.

Is Katie Nolan’s Garbage Time the future of sports TV?

Nolan is making a name for herself with her opinionated views on Fox Sports 1.

ABC Family announces its 25 Days of Christmas lineup

The Preacher’s Wife kicks off the 25-day Christmas-themed marathon.

The Grinder to host a mini-West Wing reunion when Richard Schiff stops by

He’ll play Gordon Stutz, co-founder of the Stutz & Grinder law firm.