Disney's Sheriff Callie's Wild West Strikes Up the Band With Rock and Roll Guest Stars

Michael Logan
Disney XD

The Disney Channel preschool hit Sheriff Callie’s Wild West (daily, 8am/7c) is back for Season 2 with a quartet of rockers raising hell (sorry, heck) in the frontier town of Nice and Friendly Corners. Flea, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, plays the Milk Bandit, a dairy-thieving wildcat, while Iggy Pop and Henry Rollins are the Silverado Brothers, a pair of skating ermines who steal silver, and Chris Isaak is singing horse thief Johnny Strum, who is, yes, an actual horse.

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The casting makes perfect sense. “Rock stars are like the outlaws of the Old West,” exec producer Holly Huckins says. “Their bad-boy antics are the stuff of legend, they run from screaming mobs and their faces end up on posters!”