‘Falling Skies’ Series Finale: Fighting the Good Fight One Last Time

Falling Skies 510-Reborn
James Dittinger/TNT
Falling Skies 510-Reborn TNT Highlights

For five seasons on Falling Skies, the 2nd Mass militia, led by former history professor Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), has been fighting to free Earth from the Espheni, powerful alien invaders who have slaughtered millions and transformed many others into mindless insectoid killers. On Sunday’s series finale of the Steven Spielberg–produced epic, “the rubber hits the road,” says showrunner David Eick. “All the efforts, sacrifices and loss of life have been leading toward this all-out confrontation between the species.”

Everything will not go as planned in this final battle, of course. As the confident freedom fighters close in on the Espheni encampment, “they believe they’re on the enemy’s 5-yard line,” says Eick, “but they suddenly realize it’s more like the 45. It seems that the Espheni have one last card to play. The fun of the episode is how the good guys have to overcome that daunting reality.”

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As always, the responsibility for saving the world falls on Tom, despite his trouble saving himself from what Wyle calls his “bloodlust” after the heroic death of his human-alien-hybrid daughter, Lexi (Scarlett Byrne), at the end of last season. When Tom gets a helpful gift from the Dorniya, an alien race that seems to want the Espheni defeated, “everything will come down to whether this one man can execute a mission to find the queen of the Esphenis and take her out,” Wyle reveals. But, he warns, “not everybody makes it,” so expect more casualties in the 2nd Mass.

Eick says the finale features “an epic battle that’s very personal and very emotional,” and Wyle (who returns to TNT for the second season of the sci-fi romp The Librarians this fall) promises that it “will be satisfying for audiences to get a sense of closure. It’s really great to have had the opportunity to construct our own ending, to write ourselves off the air.”

Falling Skies, Series finale, Sunday, August 30, 10/9c, TNT