Jeannie Mai Takes Us Behind the Scenes of ‘Steampunk’d’ (VIDEO)

Jeannie Mai Steampunkd

GSN’s newest design competition series, Steampunk’d, follows 10 inventive contestants creating fashion masterpieces in the niche history-meets-future style that gives the show its name.

“Steampunk style is a little bit of Victorian era, mixed with science fiction,” explains host Jeannie Mai (The Real, How Do I Look?). “It’s whimsical and mysterious, it’s dark and sexy; it’s definitely a look that stands out more than any other genre of fashion.” Mai says she’s been a fan of the steampunk look since she was 16; incorporating the style’s corsets and shapely skirts into her wardrobe has given her the confidence to “celebrate [her] own individuality.” In this video featurette, she gives us a sneak peek at the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making the clothes and hosting the series:

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“I’ve never seen people be so emotional about their pieces,” Mai says. “Anything that these people face in a challenge, that could be creating something that they’ve never touched in their life, by using limited materials and then having three days; it’s intense.”

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As for the challenges in Season 1, Mai hinted that the contestants would be faced with building a manor in three days, as well as contraptions that are as intricate and complicated as “a Rube Goldberg device that can feed you breakfast.” She also says there have been an astonishing number of EMT visits to the set, thanks to the combination of dangerous tools and high-powered machinery.

Drama aside, Mai hopes that the versatile and resourceful nature of the show will inspire viewers: “It’s the first show you’re going to watch and not only get revved up about what you can do with materials around your life, but see how these people look and live.” Follow @steampunkdshow on Twitter to learn more about the show.

Steampunk’d, premieres Wednesday, Aug. 19, 10/9 ET/PT, GSN