The Best ‘Sesame Street’ and HBO Mash-Ups on Twitter

Game of Chairs
Zach Hyman/Sesame Street
Game of Chairs

Sunny days! It was announced today that the next five seasons of Sesame Street will be airing on HBO. This new deal allows the series to produce almost double their normal amount of content, and new episodes will be available to air on PBS for free nine months after premiering on HBO. As a part of the deal, Sesame Workshop will also be putting out a spinoff titled Sesame Street Muppet, plus other educational content.

Twitter users have already taken to social media to truly integrate the network and the longest-running children’s show. This isn’t the first time a Game of ThronesSesame Street mash-up was hinted at either – the kid’s series parodied the drama with “Game of Chairs” earlier this year. Who knows which direction they’ll go next? Check out some of the best mash-ups below.

Sesame Street will make its HBO debut as early as late fall 2015.