Exclusive Clip: Ben Mason Confronts Human Soldiers on ‘Falling Skies’ (VIDEO)


In Sunday’s Falling Skies episode Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) and his alien-fighting 2nd Mass are happy to find sanctuary and human allies at a military base run by Col. Weaver’s (Will Patton) old Fallujah buddy—and flame—Capt. Katie Marshall (guest star Melora Hardin).

But there’s something off about this bunch of GI Joes and Janes. For one, they’re not taking well to Mason’s superkid Ben (Connor Jessup), probably because of the alien Skitter stakes implanted in his back. Take a look at what happens between Ben and the grunts in this exclusive video. Only four more episodes remain until the show’s final confrontation, Skies fans.

Falling Skies, Sundays, 10/9c, TNT