Best Lines on TV This Week: Know Your Strengths

Game of Thrones
Helen Sloan/HBO
Game of Thrones

Games of Thrones

Daario: “So you mainly talk?”
Tyrion: “And drink! I’ve survived so far!”

—Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) touts his best quality whil Daario (Michiel Huisman) to let him join his expedition.


“They’re a couple for 42 years. We call them broke hip mountain.”

—Charmaine (Diona Reasonover) describes elderly love.

Silicon Valley

Jared: “I’ve always want to be part of a suicide pact.”
Dinesh: “That is not what we’re doing.”

—Jared (Zach Woods) misreads the gravity of the situation.

The Whispers

“Decisions are easy. It’s living with consequences that’s the hard part.”

—Claire (Lily Rabe) knows a thing of two about difficult choices.

Pretty Little Liars

“Our families are connected. They’re more than just connected. They’re all tangled up like necklaces in the bottom of your jewelry box.”

—Spencer (Troian Bellisario) uses a metaphor he thinks Ali (Sasha Pieterse) will understand.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

“Good magicians conjure up fairy spirits and long-dead kings. I appear to have summoned the spirit of a banker. However, at least I am a magician.”

—Jonathan Strange (Bertie Carvel) takes pride in his just-discovered powers .

Finding Carter

“I have a confession. I didn’t really learn that at mock trial, I learned it from The Good Wife. Sue me.”

—Grant (Zac Pullam) proves that you can learn a thing or two from watching television.


“No, I’ll tell you what’s unprecedented. A tie is unprecedented. So’s becoming the first Lady President. So’s that jackoff becoming president through the back door. Okay? The rule book’s been torn up now and America’s wiping its nasty ass with it.”

—Selina (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is determined to rally on election night after learning a tie could mean her vice president becomes president.

Penny Dreadful

Vanessa: “It’s the opposite of homicide. Always look at your opponent’s eyes.
Ethan: “And then?”
Vanessa: “Proceed gently. Take my waist. Up here, Mr. Chandler, and sway.”

—Vanessa (Eva Green) teaches Ethan (Josh Hartnett) to dance and murder.