What’s Worth Watching: Girl Code for Guys

Girl Code
Girl Code

Girl Code (Wednesday, June 17, 10/9c, MTV)

Attention, guys: This show is your secret weapon to both understanding women and not being a tool!

Forget Barney Stinson’s “Bro Code.” How I Met Your Mother‘s Alpha gland couldn’t even hold on to Robin and she was the thirstiest woman on TV. No, the Holy Bible of playing well with others lies in this always entertaining cocktail of womanly wisdom, sass and secrets only girlfriends share. Dispensed by talking heads like comics Carly Aquilino, Nicole Byer and Alice Wetterlund, Girl Code is basically a public service that tackles topics that many clueless hetero dudes either can’t get their heads around or handle because they have to do with ladyparts stuff. Well, suck it up, fellas. This isn’t just for other women to watch and be all “Ain’t that the truth!” If you want to know why your sister takes so many selfies, or what the hell “fleek” has to do with your girlfriend’s eyebrows, it’s here. Puking in public guidelines, hookup tips, texting timelines…in any given episode, there is a trove of tidbits that can only help guys and girls get things untwisted. And for that, we say go on, Girl!