Megan Mullally Says Nick Offerman Wasn’t Her Type (at First)

Megan Mullally
Andrew McLeod

Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman have been married since 2003, but the actress says it wasn’t love at first sight. The Emmy-winning Will & Grace star talks candidly about her first impressions of the Parks and Recreation alum, along with other anecdotes from her life and career, in the next episode of comedian Michael Ian Black’s podcast, How To Be Amazing.

She says:

“What I thought was my type, which was a very skinny, androgynous kind of rock ‘n’ roll drummer-ish, likes B.O. I don’t know what my thing was, but that’s what I thought my type was—like a muscle-free person who wasn’t necessarily qualified as a man. So, when I first met Nick, he didn’t really register. He didn’t make the first cut of my sussing out the cast of the play for who I was going to have my next fling with, because he had muscles, and I thought that was gross. But anyway, we were working together and in between scenes I thought he was very funny. We started doing bits together and joking around and then before you know it, we were kissing.”

Before they were engaged, Mullally says Offerman had a running gag of fake-proposing: “He would pull out, like, a fake ring and drop it through a sewer drain or something and then we would have a big laugh and we would just go on with our day,” she says. “I don’t know how many other women would find that amusing, but I found it hilarious.”

Mullally, who has been busy on Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital and voicing characters on Bob’s Burgers and Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, also explains to Black why she almost passed on her star-making role as wealthy, alcoholic socialite Karen Walker on Will & Grace, and why she used that distinctive, nasally voice for the character.

The episode of the twice-monthly How To Be Amazing podcast is available from Audible on Monday(though you can preorder before then.)