Golan The Insatiable Reboots With Rob Riggle and Aubry Plaza

Golan The Insatiable Season 2
Golan The Insatiable Season 2

Welcome to primetime: Golan the Insatiable, about the odd-couple pairing of an otherworldly godlord and a macabre little girl, is making the move to Fox’s Sunday night lineup tonight.

Originally on Animation Domination High-Def’s late-night offerings, it’s aired alongside shows like High School USA, Axe Cop, and Lucas Bros. Moving Co. (some of which executive producers Matt Silverstein and Dave Jeser have worked on in addition to Golan) since late 2013. Now it’s joining the comedy slate alongside The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers. “It’s pretty fantastic to be included with those guys,” he says. “It feels like we got called up to the majors.”

The reboot includes a star-studded voice cast with Rob Riggle as Golan and Parks and Recreation‘s Aubrey Plaza voicing Dylan. “Rob was able to add charm that makes even the most heinous act seem likable, and Aubrey brought a whole new level of depth to Dylan’s personality,” Jeser says. “As much as Dylan wants to be this angry outcast, she can’t help but let her nine-year-old little girl excitement for life out, especially now that she’s met Golan.”

There’s also a time increase as the episodes expanded from 15 to 30 minutes long, a realm Jeser and Silverstein are more comfortable working in as they’ve previously worked together writing episodes of The Cleveland Show, DJ & the Fro, and more. “It really helped steer us in the direction of a funny, incredibly broad, crazy show but also helps us fit more into that Sunday night, family sitcom, animated comedy world,” Silverstein notes.

So, what’s the big bad godlord’s deal now? It’s pretty much the same as before, according to Silverstein: “He’s still this mighty traveler from another dimension who lands in Oak Grove, Minnesota, and his only friend is this misunderstood girl who wants him to wreck havoc on the town, but he’s more interested in being a cool kid and watching Top Chef.”

The bond between the Golan and Dylan takes center stage. “While Golan claims he wants to take over the world, trying to hang out with the cool kids or be prom king easily distracts him,” says Jeser. “So, he ends up being more the little girl of the two of them while Dylan wishes she could be the mighty godlord.”

They’ve even told the story from the start this time – something both Silverstein and Jeser claim was a criticism the first time around. The first-ever episode of the ADHD Golan started in medias res with the duo at a waterpark. In tonight’s episode, we’ll see Dylan summoning Golan from the alt-dimension universe he ruled, and how these two bond over terrorizing the mean girls from Dylan’s class.

Gone, however, is Richard, Dylan’s dad, who was voiced by Silverstein. “We like the idea that Carol is a single mom now. There aren’t a lot of single moms on TV, no less in the animated world. In this small, mid-western, boring town, she’s sort of had a sexual reawakening once she meets Golan. At first she’s terrified of him, but then she finds him very attractive,” says Jesen.

Boasting more advanced and cinematically inclined animation, “It’s just a bigger, bolder show,” Silverstein says. “We were also able to tell better, more intricate, and more complex stories,” Jeser says.

For example? In a future episode, Mama Carol falls in love with a partybot (Yes, a partybot), and nearly runs away with him… er, it. “We’re also able to sprinkle throughout that she’s constantly finding me time whether it’s in the bathtub or ironing her underwear,” says Jeser. Go, Carol!

Golan the Insatiable, Sundays, 9:30/8:30c, Fox