Letterman Staffers’ Behind-the-Scenes Photos Are Tribute to the End of an Era

David Letterman Staff tweets
Clockise from Top Right: @jayejohnson; @georgetv; @tvkathy63;@EricStangel; @ChrisAlbersNY; @Justin_Stangel
David Letterman Staff tweets

It all comes to an end tonight, as David Letterman bids the Late Show adieu with one final show. The momentous evening has got several staffers, past and present, taking to social media to bask in the memories:

Former head writer Eric Stangel reflected on the #bestdayever.

Writer Chris Albers gave a peak at a starry 1989 music rehearsal.

Albers also showed off Dave’s decorating style at his NBC office.

Supervising producer Kathy Mavrikakis looked back at Albers talking to musical director Paul Shaffer at an anniversary party.

Writer Carter Bays gave a glimpse of one of his favorite mailbag moments.

Former head writer Justin Stangel remembered striking with his brother and Robin Williams.

Writer Jill Goodwin revealed the inner workings of the wardrobe purge.

Executive producer Barbara Gaines joked about her work ethic.

Jay Johnson, creative director of digital media for the show, recalled a turn in the spotlight.

CBS’ chief marketing officer George Schweitzer shared his ticket from the first Late Show episode in 1993.

CBS corporate communications staffer Dana McClintock posted that opening night’s run-of-show.


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