What's Worth Watching: Jurassic River World

Emily Aslanian
James Bickersteth/Animal Planet

River Monters Special

River Monsters: Jurassic-Sized Prehistoric Terror (Monday, May 25, 8/7c, Animal Planet)

What's more terrifying than the usual monstrous creatures on Animal Planet's River Monsters series? The ancient ancestors of these beasts – a.k.a. the super-sized version of the river and lake dwellers we were already afraid of. Recreated through top-notch CGI for the educational entertainment of others (Nah, we know that's not why you want to watch this), Jurassic-Sized Prehistoric Terror is the last hurrah of Monster Week. This two-hour special episode follows freshwater detective Jeremy Wade as he resurrects giant piranhas, swamp sharks, and a Buzzsaw Killer (oh, my!) in an attempt to discover the most petrifying fish to ever roam the (fresh)waters. These terrors of the past will definitely haunt your thoughts the next time you decide to go swimming.