What’s Worth Watching: Netflix’s New Weekly Series ‘Between’ Premieres

Ken Woroner/Netfix

Between (Thursday, May 21, 11:30/10:30c, Netflix)

Netflix’s newest series begins tonight, but you won’t be able to binge it like the rest of the streaming service’s content. The Canadian sci-fi drama will come out in weekly installments every Thursday, just like most broadcast and cable shows, for a six-episode run.

A mysterious sickness is sweeping the town of Pretty Lake, killing everyone over 21. In the premiere, we’ll get a glimpse of what happens when someone dies (Hint: There’s a weird bile-like foam that drips from their mouth), and we’ll meet the hero Wiley, played by Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy. She’s a priest’s daughter who is pregnant under peculiar circumstances, and still attending (read: trapped) high school. We don’t know who the baby daddy is, but this girl’s got bigger problems. While all the adults are dropping like flies, her MIT-bound best friend Adam (Finding Carter‘s Jesse Carere) is bent on skipping town with the about-to-burst Wiley. In response to this “outbreak,” the government has built a very large fence to keep Pretty Lake’s residents in, and posted armed guards to make them stay in. So we’ll see how that goes.