Roots Remake Gets Greenlight, with LeVar Burton Producing

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Roots remake gets greenlight, with LeVar Burton producing
History channel, A&E and Lifetime are teaming for a new version of the hit ’70s miniseries that is described as “an original, contemporary production, incorporating more material from Alex Haley‘s novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family. Original Roots star Burton, who will serve as co-executive producer on the new version, says: “There is a huge audience of contemporary young Americans who do not know the story of Roots or its importance. I believe now is the right time to tell this story so that we can all be reminded of its impact on our culture and identity.”

American Horror Story bringing back Angela Bassett for Hotel
Ryan Murphy tweeted the news: “In October, Angela Bassett will be making lots of trouble with Lady Gaga in the ballroom and elsewhere.”

Matthew Weiner weighs in on this week’s Mad Men
“There is a certain kind of almost petulance, ‘When’s it gonna happen, what’s gonna happen?,” says Weiner. “I am not doing the same show every week. I’m not just gonna take these last seven episodes and do the greatest hits. We’re not going to dissolve to a frame from the pilot and play ‘Through the Years.’ I am telling a story about these characters and this is the next step in the story.

Orange is the New Black actress joins Fear the Walking Dead
Elizabeth Rodriguez’s new role on The Walking Dead spinoff is being kept under wraps.

The Mindy Project‘s Ed Weeks is headed to Royal Pains
He’ll play a Hollywood method actor who enlists Mark Feuerstein’s character to help him prepare for his next role.