The Middle’s Eden Sher Gets Ready for Graduation

The Middle
Michael Ansell/ABC
The Middle

Last September, high school senior Sue Heck (Eden Sher) declared 2014-2015 “The Year of Sue.” (Only an eternal optimist like her could approach months of standardized tests, college applications, rejection emails, and life-changing decisions with excitement.) And in the season finale on May 13, graduation finally arrives. Even TV characters grow up too fast! We talked to Sher, 23, about Sue’s great year, and last day, as a high schooler.

Looking back, how would you rate “The Year of Sue”?

Pretty awesome. Cocreator Eileen Heisler showed me pictures of myself during the first season and I looked like a baby. It got me thinking about Sue’s shtick then, which was that she was always trying out for things and failing and quickly declaring everything OK. But during “The Year of Sue,” she pretty much got everything she wanted: She had Wrestlerettes, she had the yearbook, and she had the Sergeant at Arms.

What do you remember about your own senior year?

When I look back now, it’s hilarious how much I stressed about the SAT, ACT, and all the applications–how many tantrums I threw and the sleepless nights I spent studying. One time when I was up really late studying for the SATs, I was crying and breathing heavy, going, “I have to improve! Ah! Ah! I have to improve!” My mom walked to the sink, filled a glass with cold water, spilled it on my head, and said, “Go to bed!”

Did you bring your experience of your own graduation day to Sue’s?

I didn’t actually walk on graduation day [to receive my diploma]. I really didn’t feel it was that important. But it matters a helluva lot to Sue. It’s funny, because I spend so much of my physical time being her now, I can actually feel how important it is to her. She’s so real to me. When she got her acceptance letter to East Indiana, it felt amazing.

So graduation actually goes smoothly on the show? No Heck hiccups?

There are things that go wrong. At one point, Sue thinks she’s not going to graduate. There is also a bit of a twist ending!

The Middle, Season finale Wednesday, May 13, 8/7c, ABC