McDreamy Deserved a Better Grey’s Anatomy Sendoff

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McDreamy deserved a better Grey’s Anatomy sendoff
Dr. Derek Shepherd’s abrupt death “felt like actual real life had crept too close to fiction,” says Lindsey Weber. “If behind-the-scenes drama motivated his death, as rumors suggest, does this constitute irresponsible storytelling?” She adds: “It felt sad, sure, but it wasn’t just the fact of his death that disturbed viewers. It was how upsettingly random it felt, even within Grey’s universe, where emotional builds are to be expected. When has Grey’s ever killed anyone so important, so quickly?” PLUS: Death delivers the best ratings since the season premiere, Grey’s proves it’s the best when it comes to goodbyes, Grey’s is no longer worth watching, and Meredith has become the unluckliest character, will Meredith return to her dark-and-twist self?, how much sadness can Meredith take?, Rhimes proves again she’s not afraid to dump “problematic actors,” and watch the official Derek Shepherd tribute video.

NBC promo takes advantage of The X-Files revival
Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are “reunited on Thursday nights” this summer on NBC, with Anderson starring on Hannibal and Duchovny on Aquarius.

American Horror Story‘s Evan Peters will return for Hotel
“This season, Evan Peters will be waiting for you in Room 64. #AHSHOTEL,” tweeted Ryan Murphy.

Is Shonda Rhimes stealing all the worst elements from Alias for Scandal?
“I recall reading a comment here accusing Rhimes of stealing all the worst elements from Alias,” says Joshua Alston, “and while I disagreed at the time, it looks like a pretty fair assessment these days. If nothing else, the vague, inert mythology is certainly in full swing. But there are advantages to borrowing from Alias too, and that influence lent ‘First Lady’ a few moments of frenzied fun by putting yet another handsome double agent into Olivia’s midst.” PLUS: This was Scandal‘s best feminist victory yet, and Olivia Pope is set to hire a brand-new Gladiator.

Everybody Loves Raymond cast and creator release statements in memory of Sawyer Sweeten
Says creator Phil Rosenthal: “We knew and loved Sawyer as a little boy. He and his real life siblings Sullivan and Madylin were such a charming, integral part of our TV family. They never failed to make us laugh, or remind of us how we feel about our own children. We are terribly sad to hear this news and our hearts go out to Sawyer’s family.”

Bruce Jenner presents a pronoun problem for the media
Jenner’s family calls him a “he,” and so does ABC News. But when should media outlets refer to Jenner as a female?

Hawaii Five-0 bringing back Michelle Borth
McGarrett’s former love interest will be part of the season finale.

Watch the 1st episode of Fox’s Wayward Pines
The M. Night Shyamalan thriller event series is now available on demand.

Dating Naked undergoes a format change for Season 2
The VH1 reality show will still feature naked daters, but they’ll be the same couple every week.

Michael Rapaport says his Louie character is “probably a less exaggerated side of that in myself”
“There are a couple people (the cop character) reminded me of who have that overbearing personality and who don’t know about personal space,” Rapaport says of playing the tone deaf cop. “There’s probably a less exaggerated side of that in myself, an obnoxious quality that I try to keep under wraps.”

Game of Thrones meets Too Many Cooks
Is this “the most logical parody of the parody video”?

Disney Channel’s Jessie spinoff will be called BUNK’D
The spinoff follows Emma, Ravi, and Zuri Ross as they head to a summer camp in Maine, where their parents met as teens.

Jason Alexander re-records George Costanza’s famous Seinfeld voicemail for Kat Dennings
The 2 Broke Girls star confessed to Alexander on The Late Late Show she’s been using a YouTube recording of the voicemail on her cell phone.