Best Lines on TV This Week: Unexpected Talents and Secrets

James Dittiger/Lifetime
Constance Zimmer (“Quinn”) stars in Lifetime’s all-new drama UnREAL airing, Monday, June 29 at 10pm ET/PT on Lifetime. Photo by


Shia: “You’re the best producer in the industry. You could make a perfectly happy person jump off a bridge.”
Quinn: “Thank you.”

– Shia (Aline Elasmar) proving compliments come in different forms


“Everyone has secrets. Everyone tells lies. And everyone is fair game…until there’s no one left. “

– Noah (John Karma) setting an ominous tone for the town of Lakewood

Another Period

“I’d rather give birth to a goat than another girl. At least a goat might have a good idea every once in a while.”

– Lillian (Natasha Leggero) explaining why goats are underrated

The Whispers

“[W]hen it comes to protecting your family there’s no such thing as ‘complicated.’ You do what you have to do.”

– Callie (Alison Araya) giving motherly advice to Lena (Kristen Connolly)

The Brink

“I’m not taking sides. You do this to me all the time. We’re talking about one thing, you make it about another. Who are you, my wife?”

– Walter (Tim Robbins) wondering if he’s speaking to Foreign Minister Rakesh Pandit (Ajay Mehta)…or to his wife


“Do you know how weird it was to have that skinny, goofy Tom Hanks-looking fool coming at me? That Forrest Gump tried to get in my box of chocolates.”

– Charmaine (Diona Reasonover) comparing A.J. (Mike Castle) to Forrest Gump

Orange Is the New Black

Fifty shades of Drake.”

– Taystee (Danielle Brooks) comforting Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) with thoughts of the famous rapper