What's Worth Watching: One Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Aubry D'Arminio
Mark Schafer/Showtime

Happyish Episode 3

Happyish, "Vladimir Nabokov, Hippocrates And God" (Sunday, May 10, 9:30/8:30c, Showtime)

By now, you've heard Happyish called many "ishes": good-ish, funny-ish, intelligent-ish. Tonight, it finally gets relateable-ish. Adman Thom (Steve Coogan) takes a break from soul-searching to become crippled with concern when his young son, Julius (Sawyer Shipman) catches a nasty flu. Gone is the pondering about personal integrity and the meaning of life. No more kvetching about millennials and twitter. And who can't relate to the anguish of seeing something you love in pain, yet being unable to help? When all you can do is spoon feed it cough syrup, wipe its sweaty head, and whisper useless assurances like "it was so much worse back in the day when they used rectal thermometers." Of course Thom has to go lose a bit of our empathy by suggesting that God made Julius sick in order to get to him (meaning Thom). Remember, we said relateable-ish.