What's Worth Watching: Boarding Nat Geo's Dead End Express

Emily Aslanian
Peter Bobrow/National Geographic Channels

Dead End Express Welcome to the Widerness

Dead End Express, "Welcome to the Wilderness" (Thursday, May 7, 10/9c, National Geographic Channel)

Are you finding yourself rather attached to your Seamless app? Imagine if that delivery worker had to pilot a plane or man a dogsled across miles of intense terrain just to get that late night snack to your front door. That delivery life is a reality for the five men of Dead End Express. These cargo haulers bring food, medicine, and everything in between to remote homesteaders living all over the United States by bush plane, dogsled, packhorse, powerboat, and snowmobile. It's a far more dangerous business than your average pizza guy. In the series premiere, we'll meet the men tasked with these missions as they respond by boat to emergency SOS calls in Idaho, and fly in vital medical supplies for a family tucked away from civilization in Alaska.