Snoop Dogg-Hosted ‘The Joker’s Wild’ Revival Now Casting Contestants

Win Cash with Snoop Dogg on TBS' 'The Joker's Wild'
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Snoop Dogg is hosting a new version of the classic game show The Joker's Wild for TBS, and the show is now seeking contestants.

Keeping in line with TV’s recent trend of revamping classic game shows (see Match Game and The Gong Show for two examples), TBS has already announced that later this year it will resurrect the classic series, The Jokers Wild. The original series aired in the 1970s and ’80s—with a brief revival in the early ’90s—and was produced and hosted by the scandalous quiz-show impresario, Jack Barry. Contestants answered questions based on categories that were determined by a pull on a giant slot machine in the hopes of winning cash and prizes.

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Snoop Dogg to Host a New Version of 'The Joker's Wild'

'I'm a huge fan of game shows and The Joker's Wild was my favorite show growing up,' says Snoop Dogg.

The newly revamped version of the series will feature Snoop Dogg leading contestants through “Snoop-ified” games for a chance at cash and prizes. The action will take place in Snoop’s own faux-casino, featuring giant dice, playing cards and mini games, and anchored by a giant slot machine.

And now, the producers of the series have announced an opportunity for dynamic SoCal residents over the age of 18—who have strong a knowledge of pop culture, current events and history—to apply to be contestants on the show. Casting is underway, with taping scheduled to begin in August.

So if you wanna roll with the D-O-double G on The Joker’s Wild, click here for more info and to apply.

The Joker’s Wild, coming later this year, TBS