Even MTV Stars Have High School Horror Stories

Tyler Posey (Scott) Season 4 Episode 1 Credit MTV-1429760566

High school is an uncomfortable time for almost everyone—even, it seems, the stars of MTV. We asked a few of the teen-favorite network’s famous faces to spill embarrassing moments from their school days. Wardrobe malfunctions, nightmare nicknames, and other horror moments ahead:

Tyler Posey (Teen Wolf)

“It was my final for gym class. You need to be in your gym uniform, otherwise they’ll mark you down 50 percent. I didn’t have shorts, so I borrowed this girl’s sweatpants and for some reason there was a slit in them, and the boxers I was wearing [that] day, my ‘mister junior’ falls out every now and then. We were playing football. I was running for a pass and my wiener falls out. I was like, ‘OH MY GOD.’ I don’t think anybody saw, but you never know. That was awkward.”

Ja Rule (upcoming reality series Follow the Rules)

“It would have to be during a basketball game. We were down by, like, four points, and I was on a fast break, all by myself to cut the game to two. I traveled the ball—it was the most ridiculous travel, I went from the free throw line [to] halfway down the court. I was so happy to have a fast break to myself and then … it was just bad after that. It was a very embarrassing moment. We lost that game.”

Carly Aquilino (Girl Code)

“I think about it literally every day. I’m standing by the gym, flirting. I was in my Juicy Couture sweat suit; I grew up on Long Island, so I didn’t have anything else to wear, obviously. A girl comes up behind me and pulls down my pants. Down to my ankles. It happened so fast, I was like, ‘My butt’s out!’ And, alright, I accidentally choked her. Accidentally. [But] because karma’s a bitch, I forgot to pick my pants up. So I was choking her with no pants on. That’s probably the most awkward thing that’s ever happened in my entire life.”

Frankie Grande (America’s Best Dance Crew)

“It was when I didn’t win Prom King. I was the first runner-up. It was so awkward though. I mean, Kevin Boothe won, who went on to play for the New York Giants [and now plays for the Oakland Raiders], but I came with my hair all gelled up and with a crown because I really thought I was going to win. I’m over it though.”

Charlamagne (Guy Code and upcoming Uncommon Sense)

“I used to date this girl. She was actually the first person I ever had sex with in my life. We had broken up and were arguing in front of the school, and she goes [high-pitched voice] ‘That’s why I broke up with you now, Little Dick Larry!’ Woah. So for the whole rest of the school year I was called, ‘Little Dick Larry.’ So that was pretty awkward.”

Katie Stevens (Faking It)

“We had different locker bays in our school and they were by color [and upper or lower] floors. I was in lower red. One of the days in Spirit Week was to dress in the color of your locker bay, and everybody used to make shirts and all of that stuff. So, I made a shirt that had an arrow pointing down that said “Lower Red.” It wasn’t until I got to school that I realized what I had done. Luckily I had a sweatshirt in my locker, but the first hour of school was torture.”