Sábado Gigante to End After 53 Years

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Sábado Gigante to end after 53 years

Univision’s top-rated variety show, which launched in 1962 will call it quits in September, but host Don Francisco will continue working for the Spanish-language network.
Did Scott Foley confirm what happened to him on Scandal?

“So, there it is,” Foley tweeted after last night’s episode. “Thank you Twitter for tonight and all of the Thursday nights. It’s such an honor.” Joshua Malina also tweeted: “It has been a real pleasure working with @scottkfoley.” Which prompts this question: Why were their tweets written in the present tense?
Jenny McCarthy: ABC execs should stop treating The View like Tinder

“It’s like a serial dater,” she says. “Stick with one boyfriend and don’t go on Tinder. Give that relationship all you’ve got and ride through the bumps and waves.” McCarthy adds that producers need to “allow something to simmer rather than transitioning so many different things, like, change a chair, change a table, change the background, change the people.”
Late-night shows battle for morning YouTube views

A bit like James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke — which Corden films alone in a car with a celebrity, with five cameras mounted in the vehicle — can allow an upstart like him to compete with the established late-night hosts at 11:35.
Louis CK abandoned a Season 5 Louie storyline because he wrote it while high

“I woke up and I looked at all the sh*t I wrote when I was high, and I was like, ‘This is terrible stuff!’ I didn’t use a single idea,” he says. “I had 10 pages written, 10 stoned pages.”
Archie vs. Sharknado comic book is due out this summer

The mashup will be used to promote Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!
James Corden got Michael Douglas to recreate that famous Basic Instinct scene

Watch Corden play the Sharon Stone role in The Late Late Show‘s remake of the interrogation scene.
Betty White reacts to people showing her their tattoos of her face

Jimmy Kimmel gathered a bunch of hardcore Betty White fans on his “Wall of America.”
Ted Cruz loves The Simpsons, but The Simpsons doesn’t love him back

The Republican presidential candidate picked his favorite episodes. But showrunner Al Jean says of his candidacy, “To paraphrase Kang, ‘Ted Cruz?’ Go ahead, throw your vote away.” PLUS: Cruz botched his favorite Simpsons quote.
See the poster for ABC’s The Whispers

The summer thriller debuts June 1.
Conan O’Brien desperately tried to escape from the Escape Room L.A.

Watch Conan attempt to crack a 1940s “Detective” case so he wouldn’t be trapped with his annoying producer.
Comedian Ralphie May to pen his memoir

The Last Comic Standing Season 1 runner-up’s Making It Big book is due out next year.