5 Questions We Need Answered When Orphan Black Returns

Orphan Black Season 3
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Orphan Black Season 3

When we last saw all the Tatiana Maslanys of Orphan Black, Sarah had surrendered herself to Dyad to rescue Kira (Skyler Wexler), only to walk thanks to Rachel’s gruesome injury and a connection with mysterious Topside, which so far seems to only be made up of one woman named Marion (Michelle Forbes)–who’s playing mom to another Project Leda clone. Duncan (Andrew Gillies) poisoned himself with tea. Helena was kidnapped. Cosima remained Very, Very Sick, while Delphine (Evelyne Brochu) learned she’d have to transfer to Germany. And then the biggie: There’s another set of clones called Project Castor, and they all happen to look like Mark (Ari Millen). Oh, but in the midst of all that, Helena met her other sestras and we got an amazing Clone Club dance party. Got it? Now, for our questions:

1. Will Rachel be getting an eye patch?

The nastiest Leda clone finally got what was coming to her–a pencil to the eye, courtesy of a booby-trap arranged by Cosima to help Sarah get away. While it was particularly gross to watch, it was also hard not to let out a whoop! in the moment it made direct contact. However, despite how amazingly far that pencil went into her skull, stabbing someone in the eye doesn’t have to be fatal. We’re half hoping we get to see Rachel rocking a villainous accessory so she can reach The Walking Dead Governor-levels of scary.

2. Where is Helena?

Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy) traded pregnant Helena in exchange for Kira and Sarah’s safety – a move that, based on the teaser trailer (below), doesn’t seem to have gone over well. (“That’s not your bloody decision,” Sarah screams.) Helena’s whereabouts are currently unknown after being taken by the military, which wouldn’t seem like such a horrible thing if they weren’t the ones who raised an army of crazy Castor clones (say that three times fast).

3. Are Cosima and Delphine doomed?

Our favorite couple’s future wasn’t looking good in the finale, with Delphine being sent to Frankfurt by Dyad and Cosima’s potential cure—Kira’s bone marrow—destroyed by Rachel. But now that Rachel is out of the picture (at least for the moment), they might not have to split. (Brochu does appear in the teaser trailer, so at least we know we haven’t seen the last of her. Still, how much longer can Cosima hang on? We need more scenes with these two, writers. Don’t ruin this for us.

4. Exactly how much does Mrs. S know?

Finding out where Mrs. S’s loyalties lie has been a rollercoaster since the start. It really seemed like she knew something about Project Castor, especially given her quick response about mythology. Maybe the Season 3 premiere will reveal some of the secrets she’s been keeping—but that’s probably wishful thinking.

5. How many Marks are there?

We can partially answer that one: there are at least four Castor clones that we know of. Millen broke down his alter egos – scarface Rudy, mustachioed Seth, and military-man Miller – for us already, but there’s no telling if others are soon to be seen.

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