‘American Grit’ First Look: Nathalie Has a Meltdown as Tensions Flare on Team Chloe

Fox, American Grit, Season 2
Jeffrey Neira/FOX
(L-R): Nathalie, Shermon, Janessa and Alison in the "Cena Does the Dishes" episode of American Grit

As fans of Fox’s competition series American Grit, now airing its second season, know, the “grit” that is tested among the competitors is not only physical, but also mental and emotional.

In this exclusive clip from Sunday’s episode, intriguingly titled “Cena Does the Dishes,” we can see that already in just the second episode of the new season, mental and emotional grit is being pushed to the edge on Team Chloe.

Janessa kicks off the tension-filled moment as she confronts Alison with implications that she may not want this as much as she should. At one point, Alison explains that she thought Janessa was thinking that Alison was the “weakest link” in the group.

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And things only get more heated from there, as Nathalie returns to the house only to hear someone say that “Nathalie needs to focus.” Nathalie then goes off on her team, telling them to stop dwelling on past mistakes and focus instead on the challenges ahead.

All of this goes down as host John Cena somewhat bemusedly looks on and listens to the tumult from afar, and Chloe approaches to see what is going on. Check it out:

Also in Sunday’s episode, Cena introduces the contestants and the cadre to their first team challenge, where only one team will shine and be safe from elimination. The winning cadre leader will face a tough decision—choosing which three rival contestants will face off in the individual elimination challenge.

American Grit Season 2, Sundays at 9/8c, Fox