Jo Will Finally Catch On in Forever’s Season Finale (PREVIEW)

Giovanni Rufino/ABC

For a hotshot NYC detective, Forever‘s Jo Martinez–played by Alana de la Garza (Law & Order, CSI: Miami)–sure doesn’t catch on too quick. The poor gal has spent the better part of Season 1 standing by, oblivious, as her colleague-slash-crush–medical examiner Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), who’s mysteriously immortal–repeatedly evades death all while secretly pining away for his long-lost wife, Abigail (Mackenzie Mauzy). But that could change as the two-part finale kicks off tonight (the second half airs May 5). Here, de la Garza cracks the case.

This week, Henry finds out what happened to Abigail. Does that clear the path for a romance with Jo?

It’s important for him to find peace with that relationship, but I don’t know if it means he and Jo are suddenly going to be a couple and run off into the sunset. If it were up to me, they wouldn’t get together until Season 20, because I love the chase!

Jo has watched Henry continually throw himself into the line of fire and survive. Why is she so slow on the uptake?

I think she’s known the whole time that he’s not telling her something. She’s a smart cop, but she’s looked past it for the sake of their friendship. That’s what is really fun about this finale: We’re finally going to see Jo go, “Enough! Lay it on the line, dude!” I’m excited to see her demand the truth.

As of press time, Forever‘s fate was still undecided. If it doesn’t come back for a second season, will fans get what they need from this episode?

There’s so much closure in it–on the Abigail story, Henry’s history, and between Henry and his nemesis Adam [Burn Gorman]. But at the same time, the finale raises the stakes and brings new challenges, so it does a beautiful job of preparing for Season 2. I really hope we get picked up, because this is such a smart, well-done show. Even if I weren’t on it, I’d watch it!

Forever, Tuesday, April 21, 10/9c, ABC