The Simpsons Will No Longer be Released on DVD

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The Simpsons will no longer be released on DVD
“DVD market is dying,” Simpsons boss Al Jean explained on Twitter. He added: “I personally am v sorry to see DVDs discontinued We did them purely for the love of hearing ourselves talk.” Jean says old “Simpsons” episodes will be available on FXNow, with writers and producers hoping to add commentary, deleted scenes and other DVD-type features for the online versions.

Watch Christina Aguilera perform as her Nashville character
Starting next week, she’ll play a pop starlet named Jade St. John who hopes to record a country album.

Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune renewed through 2018
Alex Trebek , Pat Sajak and Vanna White are also all signed up through the 2017-18 season.

Man v. Food host Adam Richman is currently a vegan
The Travel Channel star says it has nothing to do with his show — and everything to do with soccer. “I’m training for football right now, I’ve been vegan for the past three months or so,” he says. “And for Soccer Aid I went 100 per cent vegan.”

Kelly Osbourne calls Giuliana Rancic’s actions since Fashion Police controversy “heartbreaking”
Osbourne says she’ll continue to keep quiet “because I don’t think it will do anyone service, but I will say this: Giuliana is not often wrong. She really isn’t, but it’s been really, really heartbreaking to see her behavior that has transpired when she did get caught being wrong. That’s what broke my heart.”

The Talk beats The View for the 2nd time in 4 weeks
The CBS daytime talk show’s triumph includes not only total viewers but also the key demo of women 18-49.

Key & Peele‘s valets recap Game of Thrones
Says Jordan Peele’s valet character: “The Dinkles is my jam, my jelly, my peanut butter and my peanuts.” PLUS: Watch Maisie Willliams get serious about voting in the British election.

James Corden and Josh Gad do a number on their Frozen classic
Corden once again revisited his Broadway past with the former Book of Mormon star.

See Taraji P. Henson’s SNL promos with Mumford & Sons
Are Mumford & Sons actually Cookie’s stepsons?

Check out DirecTV’s Rob Lowe ad campaign replacement, starring Hannah Davis
The Sports Illustrated’s 2015 Swimsuit Issue cover girl stars in two new spots for the satellite provider.

Robert Durst sent a letter to the Los Angeles Times
The Jinx star addresses just about everything — except his murder case.

Dwayne Johnson’s Ballers and The Brink to follow True Detective
Starting June 21, Ballers and the Tim Robbins/Jack Black geopolitical comedy will be shown with True Detective.

Emmy-winning L.A. Law star Richard Dysart dies at 86
Dysart, who was battling cancer, was nominated for four Emmys for supporting actor for his role as cranky senior partner Leland McKenzie, finally winning in 1992.

Louie goes back to basics in Season 5
Even the theme song is back after being MIA last season, notes James Poniewozik. “The simplest way of putting it is that the season looks like a return to basics, to the extent that there is a ‘basic’ setting for this free-form canvas about Louis CK’s floundering, philosophical, single-dad alter ego,” says Poniewozik. “The confidence and adventurousness of Louie’s experiments are still present, but reined in and focused.” PLUS: This season is darker and smarter than ever, Season 5 begins with what seems like an auto-critique of Season 4, and it appears Season 4 is straightforward, unlike last year.

FX’s The Comedians: “It wants to be edgy, but it just has nothing much to say”
The Billy Crystal-Josh Gad vehicle is the “celebrities-fictionalize-their-own-lives genre at its clunkiest,” says Joe Reid. “The world of The Comedians never feels all that outrageous,” he says.. “The sketches that Crystal and Gad perform in are all solid B-minus to C-plus. Their stop-and-start friendship is utterly unremarkable. Nobody seems willing to go anywhere remotely risky. In the first episode, Steven Weber shows up as the program’s director who has recently transitioned (in some vaguely defined way) to a transgender woman. I was so ready for something offensive to transpire that I nearly grabbed the arms of my chair.” PLUS: There are glimmers of hope that this could eventually be a good show, it is sadly ill-conceived, and The Comedians comes across as the most-cutting showbiz satire of 1991.