What’s Worth Watching: Botched’s Revenge of the Plastics

Brandon Hickman/E!

Botched (Thursday, April 30, 8/7c, E!)

You know how some people get plastic surgery and they find the perfect middle ground between exquisite and extreme? Like, they’re all refreshed and youthful now, but one more lift and they’re sideshow material. That’s Botched, a smart mix of “Oh my god!” and “Oh thank god.”

The hook, obviously, is the parade of patients who’ve undergone messed up procedures, but the real payoff is how Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif fix those nasty noses, overblown implants and trouty pouts. Because that is where we see the healing power of actual reparative surgery and the rebirth of self-esteem. Just check out this Botched-athon of back-to-back-to-back episodes. Dubrow and Nassif aren’t interested in people hell bent on looking like Barbie. They’re about aiding people— including I Love New York‘s still hilarious Tiffany Pollard and a delightful trans woman deformed by black market injectibles—desperate to just feel whole again after buying into the beauty trap of unattainable perfection. Think of it as triple-play of triple-D cautionary tales.