What’s Worth Watching: Barely Famous Goes Bananas

Barely Famous
Barely Famous

Barely Famous, “Bananas Foster” (Wednesday, April 22, 10/9c, VH1)

Things get shaken up in the season finale of fake reality series Barely Famous, starting in the opening minutes when, for a photo shoot, Erin (Erin Foster) unhappily rocks a full-bodied banana suit while sister Sara (Sara Foster) wears a skimpy bikini. You’ll also get plays on some of the great reality television tropes that Barely Famous has been mocking all season, like the idea of celebrity friends (Pretty Little Liars‘ Ashley Benson stops by for a cameo). There are also some moments that’ll make you forget this is actually scripted, such as the dreaded “relationship talk,” which Erin has with the guy she’s been seeing and as expected, handles poorly.

Sara also tries to convince Erin to become a lesbian again in order to score an acting gig in a feature film, which goes terribly wrong—but is also terribly funny, a sentiment that sums up the entire series so far.