What's Worth Watching: The Following's Latest Threat

Damian Holbrook
Giovani Ruffino/FOX

The Following

The Following, "Kill the Messenger" (Monday, April 19, 9/8c, Fox)

Tick, tock, Joe Carroll. With the countdown to the killer's execution reaching its final hours, this is the time when Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon) should be celebrating the imminent end of the man who has haunted for so long. But instead, our tireless hero is up to his IP address in cyber terror tonight after newly revealed madman Theo (Michael Ealy) hacks into his life. Suddenly, the tables have turned on Team Hardy, and with this murderous techie calling the shots, that means more than just bogus Amazon orders and some email spam. Honestly, it's starting to feel like Hardy has finally met someone worse than Carroll—this guy has NO emotions and way too many computer tricks that can wreak havoc—which has us worrying that Theo may be ready to permanently delete someone very close to Ryan. And that is not OK. #SaveMaxAndMike!