Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner Sharpen Their Claws for Season 3 of ‘Difficult People’

DIFFICULT PEOPLE - Billy Eichner, Julie Klausner
Linda Kallerus/Hulu

Love and hate are all mixed up in the polluted New York City air when Difficult People returns for Season 3. After wannabe comedian Billy (Billy Eichner) learns his head shots are being used in several unflattering advertisements, he clashes with Todd (John Cho), the marketing executive at fault—but the anger doesn’t last. “They have this cute, rom-com, You’ve Got Mail thing going,” says creator Julie Klausner, who also stars as Billy’s best friend, Julie. “You know, ‘We’re on different sides and are fighting so much that we eventually have to kiss because we’re really alike on the inside.’”

But it’s not all wine and roses: Billy has also become so sick of the city that he wants out. “We like to play with the different ways Billy and Julie can be annoying,” Klausner says, “and the most annoying New Yorker is the person who talks about leaving New York a year before they actually do.”

In the meantime, Julie is on a quest to find happiness beyond her solid relationship (she and boyfriend Arthur, played by James Urbaniak, are still going strong). “Julie learns she can’t take any more antidepressants because her blood is technically turning into a Slurpee,” Klausner says. “So she has to find other means of tolerating her family over the holidays, and that leads to the identity crisis most comedians have, which is, ‘If I’m happy, will I stop being funny?’” If past seasons are any indication, we don’t think that’s ever a possibility.

Difficult People, Returns Tuesday, August 8, Hulu