What’s Worth Watching: Naked and Afraid: Back and Naked-er Than Ever!

Naked And Afraid
Discovery Channel
Naked And Afraid

Naked and Afraid, “Everglades” (Sunday, April 19, 10/9c, Discovery)

Get your giggles out of the way now, kids. Yes, there are nekkid folks on your TV, but no, it’s not about the size of their pixilated naughty parts. So let’s forget that nobody here is wearing clothes and instead focus on the fact that the Florida Everglades are America’s Hellmouth. In the season premiere of TV’s original—and addictive—undressed adventure challenge, ex-Marine Ryan and Army instructor Amber strip down for a 21-day endurance nightmare in what is the narrator calls the largest sub-tropical environment in the U.S., and what normal people would probably call Satan’s swampland.

Aside from “teeming with North America’s only poisonous water snake,” the Southern wetlands also boast panthers, Prius-sized alligators and, as the opener’s masochists learn on Night 1, swarms of mosquitoes that apparently want to end mankind. Throw in feverish temperatures, a bad-ass gator hunt, and an intestinal infection that could turn fatal, and you’ll be afraid to look away. And probably even more terrified of being anywhere near the everglades.