Justin Bieber Roast Was Surprisingly Tame

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Justin Bieber roast was surprisingly tame
Bieber did look friendless and alone on stage, but the toughest barbs weren’t directed at him. Here’s the problem, as David Hinckley points out: “Once you’ve joked about the age of his fans and his bubble-gum music, then cracked that he has both the voice and the driving skills of Stevie Wonder, you’re down to reruns for the next hour and 57 minutes, minus commercials.” PLUS: Read Martha Stewart’s roast jokes.

Trevor Noah’s “offensive” tweets come back to haunt him
Some of the future Daily Show host’s tweets over the past six years can be considered downright offensive. Some could be seen as anti-Semitic.

Comedy Central wants Trevor Noah’s Daily Show to react to the “24-second news cycle”
Although Jon Stewart’s staff will largely stay in place, Comedy Central president Michele Ganeless says hiring Trevor Noah was a way to shake up the way the show is produced. “When The Daily Show was created, there was a very different pace to news and the news cycle,” Ganeless notes. “The show was created to be a half-hour comedic answer to the nightly news. And now the news cycle is not a 24-hour new cycle; it’s a 24-second news cycle. The opportunity here, with a change like this, is to evolve the show and how it lives and breathes on every platform.” PLUS: Stewart played a big advisory role, explaining the Noah explainer coverage, and why a foreigner may be just what The Daily Show needs.

Why there may never be another female late-night host
“It’s smart of Comedy Central to name a relative unknown as the successor to the ubiquitous name it essentially built its network’s entire brand around,” says Kevin Fallon. “It thwarts the burden of expectations. But that the network, which has reinvented itself in recent years making stars of relative unknown female talents like Amy Schumer and the Broad City girls, didn’t think it would be even smarter to hire a woman is unduly depressing.” PLUS: Comedy Central made a mistake passing over Aisha Tyler.

Stan Lee to write his 1st UK TV series
Lucky Man will star James Nesbitt as a man who can control luck via a bracelet on his arm.

David Lee Roth injures his nose during Jimmy Kimmel Live Van Halen performance
The first song had to be stopped after Roth damaged his nose on the microphone.

Animal Planet will use a special transparent pod to study Predators Up Close
A former Navy SEAL will lead a team that will live in pods to protect him from lions, hyenas, polar bears, even sharks.

Lorne Michaels is investing in Meerkat and using it with SNL
The Twitter app that allows livestreaming from your phone was used over the weekend behind the scenes at “Saturday Night Live.” Michaels’ Broadway Video Ventures is an investor in Meerkat, which is rival to Twitter’s own livestreaming app Periscope.

Has Heroes Reborn figured out what to do with Hiro?
Masi Oka’s character was the “best, most problematic character” on Heroes because writers had no idea what to do with him and his time-traveling powers.

The Flash/Arrow spinoff casts Hawkgirl
Broadway star Ciara Renée Ciara Renée will take on the role of Kendra Saunders, aka Hawkgirl. PLUS: A “Doctor Who” alum has been cast as time traveler Rip Hunter.

How would Kimmy Schmidt’s brain actually function in the real world?
Does scientific research show how a brain would function after 15 years in an underground bunker?

Dancing‘s Bruno Tonioli apologizes for insulting Charlotte McKinney
“You’re never going to win the Nobel prize for quantum physics, but you are easy on the eyes and you produce wonderful shapes,” he said on last night’s show.

Mad Men by the numbers: 942 cigarettes smoked, 14 punches thrown
AMC has counted up all the little details from seven and a half seasons.

PBS’ Civil War miniseries is casting for skinny, tattoo-free men
“Mercy Street,” which could end up PBS’ next Downton Abbey, is also seeking amputees for the battle scenes.

The Walking Dead fan favorite speaks
“At times I’ve felt like a secret agent or spy,” says the finale’s surprise actor.

Sherlock isn’t gay,” insists co-creator Steven Moffat
“Everyone wants to believe he’s gay,” says Moffat. He’s not gay. He’s not straight.”

NCIS: Los Angeles filmed an episode in the oldest puppet theater in the U.S.
The struggling Bob Baker Marionette Theater in Los Angeles is getting a boost from Monday’s episode.

Michelle Obama will make her 2nd appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show
The First Lady is scheduled to visit for Thursday’s show. PLUS: Fallon gets Helen Mirren to recite her Oscar speech on helium.

How much did the sick kid actors on Red Band Society earn?
According to TMZ, Ciara Bravo, who played an anorexic patient, earned $20,000 an episode for each of the 13 episodes of the Fox series before it was canceled.

Legendary documentarian Errol Morris has started watching The Jinx
While the Oscar winner wouldn’t comment on the film, he says “It’s hard not to know!” how it ends.

Billy Eichner gets teens at iHeartRadio Music Awards to cheer on Robert Durst
Eichner read a list of artists performing, and included “The Jinx” star on that list.