Adam Levine to Produce a Songland Songwriting Reality Competition

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Adam Levine to produce a Songland songwriting reality competition for NBC
Levine is teaming with a Voice producer on a competition that will allow any person to pitch their song compositions.

Logo renews RuPaul’s Drag Race
Production on Season 8 begins today.

Scandal redeemed Lena Dunham — and her wig
“It was a slight, silly episode, and Dunham was properly slight and silly in it,” says Kevin Fallon of the Girls star’s unusual cameo last night, adding: “It was goofy and absurd in a way Shonda Rhimes shows have made just as much of their trademark over the years as their soapy twists and operatic romances and drama. Even the wig spoke to that. Dunham was given at least one really big scene, and she held her own with Kerry Washington in it.” PLUS: Dunham played a less-grating version of Hannah Horvath, and Dunham posted behind-the-scenes pics.

James Caan exits Fox’s fantasy football comedy pilot
The noted actor was a last-minute addition to Fantasy Life.

CBS sued over the Hawaii Five-0 theme
The family of theme song composer Morton Stevens claims the remake infringes on their rights.

Conan unveils the Apple PocketWatch
It’s the budget-friendly wearable.

“Screech” allegedly threatened to stab a bar patron who wouldn’t accept his Smirnoff Ice
Saved by the Bell star Dustin Diamond’s stabbing trial is under way, and prosecutors revealed that Diamond allegedly threatened to stab someone else at a different bar when the patron refused his drink.

Here’s your 1st look at Martha Stewart at the Justin Bieber Roast
Stewart joked about getting high on pot brownies before the roast.

Bill Murray wore a sundress when he visited Jimmy Kimmel in Austin on a horse
The actor revealed his legs while wearing a bejeweled hat.

LeToya Luckett joins NBC’s Love Is a Four Letter Word
The former Destiny’s Child member replaces Cynthia McWilliams in the pilot about three diverse couples who put modern marriage to the test.

Bodies found in search of missing former Next Food Network Star contestant and her husband
A neighbor had already been charged with first-degree murder in the deaths of Cristie Schoen Codd and husband Joseph (J.T.) Codd.

CNN created its own Two Many Cooks
This one revolves around the 2016 Election.

The Jinx theme song composer: “My jaw literally dropped”
“Every once in awhile, our band somehow gets tied into world events, like when George Bush’s campaign was quoting my lyrics to fight Al Gore,” says Mark Oliver of the cult band Eels, whose 2009 tune Fresh Blood is used by the HBO documentary series. “But I’ve never experienced anything like The Jinx — my jaw literally dropped.”