Salem Season 2 Gets a Wickedly Witchy Preview (VIDEO)

Lucy Lawless_SALEM II

More wickedness this way comes as Salem returns for Season 2 on April 5. “It’s a more complex narrative this year,” warns executive producer Adam Simon, who joins fellow show creator Brannon Braga and much of the cast in a pre-season special airing Sunday night. The first three minutes–which you can check out in the video below–offer a sneak peek at the witch war and supernatural strife about to hit the village.

Last season’s grand rite has loosed a monstrous and deadly plague, and the witch’s pox is no small threat. Meanwhile, Mary (Janet Montgomery) is battling to maintain her power position, Mercy (Elise Eberle) is ready to get her revenge, and John Alden (Shane West) is on “a bloodthirsty quest” after being shot and left for dead in Season 1. And for an added dash of dangerous complication, Lucy Lawless joins the cast as the mysterious Countess Marburg. “She’s gonna bring a whole new level of evil into this witch war of Salem,” says West.

The full 30-minute preview special, which airs March 15 at 9:30pm on WGN America, will feature footage from behind the scenes, interviews with the cast and creators, and more teasers about the witchy drama ahead.