What's Worth Watching: Kroll Show On the Move

Damian Holbrook
Mark Davis/Comedy Central

The Kroll Show

Kroll Show, "The Time of My Life" (Tuesday, March 17, 10:30/9:30c, Comedy Central)

The secret beauty of Nick Kroll's reality-show parodies has always been how he's managed to weave in, and spin off, various characters from his stable of docu-spoofs over Kroll Show's three seasons. Whether it's Pretty Liz (Jenny Slate) from PubLIZity getting with Dad Academy's C-Zar on Ice Dating and then having his "toilet baby," or Cheatin' host Bobby Bottleservice moving into Gigolo House, it's always a hoot to see these worlds and the goofy losers who inhabit them colliding. Tonight, two of Kroll's more unusual creations—dead-faced Dr. Armond and the Canadian singing competition Show Us Your Songs: Commonwealth—rub elbows as Armond's latest show, Armond Le Monde, follows him around the globe in search of his wife's killer. It's part The Fugitive, part travelogue, and 100% hilariously weird. Which is exactly what we expect from Kroll and what we will miss the most when this show ends its run after this season.