Jane Lynch’s Next TV Role: A Guardian Angel on CBS’ Angel From Hell

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Jane Lynch’s next TV role: A guardian angel on CBS’ Angel From Hell
The Glee star has joined a comedy pilot where she’ll play a guardian angel to a woman who can’t decide if she’s legit or crazy.

Jon Stewart kicks WWE’s Seth Rollins in the crotch
Watch The Daily Show host’s appearance on Monday Night Raw.

Conan calls out a French talk show for ripping him off
The French talk show Touche Pas à Mon Poste isn’t backing down after allegedly stealing Conan’s Tull’s Tips segment.

Jimmy Kimmel got a lot of hate tweets for his pro-vaccination PSA
To present the other side of the vaccine debate, Kimmel sent two “anti-vaxxers” on the street to get people to sign a petition to let kids decide whether or not they get a shot.

Kelly Clarkson performs The History of Duets with Jimmy Fallon
Said Fallon: “I was actually reading a piece last week that she was having trouble finding people to do a duet with. I would love to do a duet with Kelly Clarkson!”

To mark the end of Parks and Rec, Aubrey Plaza gave Aziz Ansari a gift of blood and hair
Not her blood and hair.