Who’s Joining Squirrel Girl on ‘New Warriors’? Plus, watch the First ‘Cloak & Dagger’ Trailer

Freeform/Alfonso Bresciani
Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone Johnson/Cloak and Olivia Holt as Tandy Bowen/Dagger in Freeform's upcoming series Marvel's Cloak & Dagger

Freeform unveiled its upcoming slate of programming to advertisers and the media on Wednesday, and among the announcements were more details about a pair of previously announced Marvel projects designed to expand the Disney-owned universe to ABC’s off-shoot network.

As reported earlier, Marvel’s New Warriors will be a live-action half-hour comedy featuring fan favorite Squirrel Girl and five other young people who have special abilities but none of that Avengers finesse when it comes to fighting crime…yet. This is Marvel’s first venture into live-action comedy (unless you count that first Hulk movie).

Marvel's Squirrel Girl Among 'New Warriors' in Upcoming Freeform SeriesSee Also

Marvel's Squirrel Girl Among 'New Warriors' in Upcoming Freeform Series

The fan-favorite Squirrel Girl will finally be appearing in live-action as part of Freeform's 'New Warriors' series.

Casting is still underway for New Warriors, but Freeform did confirm who the characters will be, along with some descriptions (although the series is live-action, Freeform provided the custom comic art below to help get a sense of the characters):

  • Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl) — Acrobatic; strong; can fight; can talk to squirrels
  • Craig Hollis (Mister Immortal) — Team troublemaker and lothario; more cocky than confident; charmingly grumpy; cannot die (or so he says—he’s been too lazy to make use of that superpower so far)
  • Dwayne Taylor (Night Thrasher) — No superpowers, but he is a local celebrity “hero” with his own YouTube channel
  • Robbie Baldwin (Speedball) — Can launch kinetic balls of energy; loves the idea of being a hero; is an impulsive and immature people-pleaser with a misplaced sense of confidence
  • Zack Smith (Microbe) — A shy hypochondriac who can talk to germs that tell him where a person has been, what they ate and who they hung out with
  • Deborah Fields (Debrii) — A low-level telekinetic; trickster; proud; funny and quick-witted; confidently out as a lesbian; calls people on their BS

(Clockwise from top): Zack Smith (Microbe), Dwayne Taylor (Night Thrasher), Craig Hollis (Mister Immortal), Doreen Green (Squirrel Girl), Deborah Fields (Debrii) and Robbie Baldwin (Speedball). (Artist: Elizabeth Torque)

More ready for its closeup is Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger, the hourlong teen drama about a pair of mismatched strangers who find that their newly acquired superpowers—she can shoot daggers of light, he can shroud folks in darkness—are way more effective when they work together.

Starring singer-actress Olivia Holt of Kickin’ It (who also voiced Petra Parker on the animated Ultimate Spider-Man) and Aubrey Joseph (The Night Of), the action-packed series is expected to exist within the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe and can be sampled here in its first official trailer.


Both New Warriors and Cloak & Dagger will launch with 10 episodes and are slated to premiere in 2018.